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  • Ability to play on Earth;
  • A new system of UFO detection;
  • Displaying of the radar cover areas;
  • Improved AI for the various activities of aliens on the planet (search for CAF base, resource extraction, etc.);
  • New options of time management;
  • Award for the dead aliens;
  • The market economy model with taking into account supply and demand of goods;
Dogfight, UFOs and Aircrafts
  • New mechanism of dogfight;
  • UFO moving in groups;
  • The attacks of UFO squadrons;
  • 3D-models of aircrafts replaced by pictograms;
  • Various changes in the behaviour of UFOs and aircraft in the dogfight;
  • Rebalance of aircrafts and UFOs (characteristics, armour, weapons);
Base Management
  • Ability to start a new game without personnel;
  • Ability to hire and retire soldiers, scientists and technicians;
  • Rebalanced cost and construction time for some structures on the base;
  • Rebalanced characteristics of some base structures;
  • Ability to sort and filter goods in the shop;
  • New mechanism of work for defence systems of a CAF base;
  • Counterpart of XCOM HWD Detector;
  • Mortality for CAF soldiers;
  • New system of development of the skills;
  • Extended inventory;
  • Soldier's equipment profiles;
  • Several rank systems of various countries;
  • More detailed combat statistics;
Weapons, Equipment, Vehicles
  • New types of the damage;
  • New types of weapons and munitions;
  • New CAF armoured vehicle;
  • New types of equipment: scanners, sensor grenades, personal shields, antigrav;
  • Rebalanced personal weapons and armour suits for CAF soldiers as well as in-built weapons for vehicles and aliens;
Science and Manufacturing
  • Rebalanced prices of manufactured and captured goods;
  • Rebalanced construction and production time;
  • Rebalanced time-frames and costs for researches;
  • Various modifications in the tech tree;
  • Tactical radar;
  • Detailed combatlog;
  • New system of healing;
  • Decreasing of the characteristics for wounded soldiers and aliens;
  • New algorithms of calculation of received and penetrated damage;
  • System of deterioration of the personal armour and shields;
  • Ability to fly for some aliens and CAF vessels;
  • Nonlinear encumbrance system;
  • Individual ranges of coverage for all races and types of vehicles;
  • Various improvements in the alien AI;
  • Hearing and noise;
  • Generator of the tactical maps;
  • Editor of the tactical maps;
  • New algorithm of assembling of the maps for CAF bases;
  • Improved algorithm of creation new maps;
  • Increased number of storeys for some maps;
  • Revealed maps when defending the CAF bases and Centaurus;
  • Damaging of crashed UFOs and their crew;
  • Illumination of cities on the night side of Earth;
  • The position of the sun relative to the planet is calculated taking into account the slope of the Earth's axis;
  • New icons for CAF interceptors and UFOs for both geoscape and base management;
  • Fixed animation for some units in the tactics;
  • Big collection of the photos to replace original 3D faces of soldiers;
  • Possibility to plug-in various sets of the loading screens;
  • Support of multilingual version;
  • A lot of modifications in all interfaces of the game;
  • A lot of hotkeys for various interfaces with possibility to re-assign keybindings;
  • Various dialogue screens with more detailed information;
  • Support of vanilla, Gold and Steam versions of the game;
  • In-game ability to create screenshots;
  • A lot of options for more flexible tuning of the mod;
  • Various settings to manage performance;
  • Fixed and supplemented articles in ufopedia;
  • Additional information in ufopedia about described items and technologies;
  • Upgraded random-number generator;
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