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Common aspects

♦ Question #001

Q: During installation there are lines like "Moved files: 0." or "Copied files: 0." occurs in the console and then you can't successfully complete all phases of the installation because of an error "An incorrect destination path was defined!"

A: The installation of all packages of the mod must be performed with the administrator rights. This is especially true for OS Windows Vista and Windows 7

♦ Question #002

Q: The game doesn't start after installation of the mod. In the console log some errors are present like this: "CFileSystem::OpenFile::File not found. NAME_OF_ABSENT_FILE"

A: The installation of all packages of the mod must be performed with the administrator rights. This is especially true for OS Windows Vista and Windows 7

♦ Question #003

Q: The mod doesn't work properly. Repair it!

A: For a start it will be necessary to report about your problem according to rules.

♦ Question #004

Q: I dislike the feature [...]. How to change it?

A: The author doesn't give lessons to modding. If you wish to change something, you need either to convince him that the new features will be better than the existing one, either to learn scripting language yourself.

♦ Question #005

Q: I had started a game, but the language is Russian. How to choose English?

A: Start the game, press the 4th button (НАСТРОЙКИ ИГРЫ) and switch the first line (ВЫБОР ЯЗЫКА) using the minus (-) button from "РУССКИЙ" to "АНГЛИЙСКИЙ". Now simply press the bottom right button (Сохранить настройки) and you will be satisfied.

♦ Question #006

Q: The promotion points were not given to my soldier with a new rank. How I can improve his characteristics now?

A: Yes, the original RPG-system has been replaced by one that classical for X-COM, but with some improvements in respect of gym use.
– strength, agility, health, and reaction is growing rapidly in training and slowly during the battle;
– bravery grows with the new military ranks and due to killing the aliens;
– reaction, throwing and shooting accuracy is growing from the use on missions and exercises in the training center accelerates its growth;
– every soldier have predispositions to certain skills that accelerates (or slows down) their growth;

♦ Question #007

Q: The game for the second month, and still never seen a UFO. What I must to do?

A: You have need to build new bases to ensure uniform radar coverage of the globe. Also send crafts to patrol in regions where there is no more of your bases – on-board radar is also capable of detecting alien spacecraft.

♦ Question #008

Q: Is it correct situation at the beginning of the game: UFO detected-intercept-lost-go to the last position-detected-interception-lost-detected-lost, etc.?

A: Yes, until the radar coverage on bases too bad and your aircrafts are of the first generations, the detection of enemies will be difficult. UFO is visible only if it holds by single stationary or airborne radar at least. Build more radar stations on the bases and explore new technologies to improve the radars on your aircrafts.

♦ Question #009

Q: Does it make sense to build on the base of more than single radar?

A: Yes, the cycle of detection for each of radars is computed independently of the others. Accordingly the theory of probability, if the probability that single radar to detect UFO is 60%, then the probability of detection of it by two such radar stations will be 84% already.

♦ Question #010

Q: For almost a year of playing time I could not see (and even more so to catch) any commander in the game. I had tried various combinations of settings Unimod related to commanders, but all to no avail. Commanders are nowhere.

A: The crew of UFO is generated at the time of its appearance, and the garrison of base – at the time of its construction, thus if you simply unscrew the frequency setting for Commanders it doesn't mean that the next mission there will be a whole lot, but you need to wait until these most Commanders fly on new ships.

♦ Question #011

Q: What's mean a colour of the damage bubble in the tactical mission?

A: White — light wound.
Yellow — serious wound with decreasing of the stats of unit.
Orange — heavy wound with a bleeding.
Red — heavy wound with both a bleeding and decreasing of the stats of unit.
Violet — critical strike with loss of blood following by fall of the stats of unit.

♦ Question #012

Q: The game crashes on attempt to create a screenshot with the hotkey.

A: It's problem of the game engine, especially important when playing in windowed mode. Don't switch between windows of applications until the operation of creation of the screenshot will not be completed.

♦ Question #013

Q: I had faced with some problems with the mod. How to send a report about it?

A: The best way to use any file sharing service, such as, and the like, and to report on the forum link on your files. IMPORTANT: Don't use a server which requeres for white IP-address to download!
Also you can send a report to , but it is worth noting that if report will fall into the spam for some reason, then no one will look for it there.

♦ Question #014

Q: At night operations are short of lighter. Is it possible to make a special device for these goals, as it was in the XCOM 1-2?

A: No. The game engine doesn't allow to implement this functionality. If we will carry out the whole mechanism of light through the scripts, it will critically affect the overall performance of the game in tactics. In view of this, all work on the lighter was frozen indefinitely. It's possible that this issue will be revisited after the release of UFO:Et2

♦ Question #015

Q: I switched on the mod of hyperwave decoder as well as both advanced laboratory and advanced detection system were built. Why I don't see information about a crew of UFO?

A: The intercepted information depends on the following researches:
UFO Advanced Flight Control ⇒ type of the mission of UFO;
UFO Space Flight Computer ⇒ level of the technology of weapons which are used by crew of UFO;
UFO Cryo Unit ⇒ races which are in the crew of UFO;

♦ Question #016

Q: What is a "unique technologies" and how I can to get them?

A: Unique technologies include items which can't be produced with the current level of technological progress of the humankind. You can capture them only (with a small probability) as a trophy on the successful tactical operation, which was attended by one of the alien races that use corresponding unique technologies. Don't worry if you couldn't capture such devices – they don't affect the storyline anyway.

♦ Question #017

Q: How to remove a sound when you click on a button in the main menu and in the game? Why such option isn't present in the settings?

A: Open the file GAME_FOLDER\data\ufo-et.ini with any text editor, look for the value clicksoundvolume=75, and set the volume level of click sound in the range from 0 to 100 (percents). This option isn't present in the settings menu, because for some reason the game engine handles this value directly, not allowing changing it from a script.

  This section will be complemented hereafter.
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